Success History

Our most recent collaboration with Spiecepag Albania for the construction of the camps in Korca, Çorovoda and Skrapar, Albania.

Our Activity

“Emante LLC” started its activities in the sector of “innovative constructions” and services, on February 2006. The sector of innovative constructions has taken big dimensions in western countries. Innovative constructions aim at securing low cost and high quality, ecological constructions and efficiency in relation to the interior and exterior heating and cooling of the constructions, both for private and public needs.

For the realization of this objective we use processed materials of aluminium and steel — some abroad and some in our company. The main materials are section metals and sandwich panels. The latter are being developed in different shapes and colours. Researchers of the sector have spent entire decades and have integrated their scientific findings in the construction sector of public and private residencies. 

Our Services

  • Sandwich panels for covering and facades
  • Panels for freezer rooms
  • Sandwich panels tile-style (underneath of it with natural wood)
  • Sheet metal (aluminium) and coil coated or processed
  • Accessories for hangars and houses, like: roof gutters, ridgeboards etc
  • Wavering sheet metal trapezoidal for covering
  • Polycarbonate of different thickness for hangars and buildings
  •  Kiosks for offices and mobile homes
  • Galvanised arcades for hangars
  • Sheet metal in concrete for the separation of floors
  • Panel sandwiches for facades with stone and brick imitation



  • Export
  • Import
  • Sandwitch Panels
  • Production and Sale of Metal Sheets
  • Constructions


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