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Success History

Our most recent collaboration with Spiecepag Albania for the construction of the camps in Korca, Çorovoda and Skrapar, Albania.

Emante LLC offers a range of products and materials in the field of construction. We put customer service on quality, correctness and professionalism! We operate in the service sector by offering the following:

  • Accessories, Screws for sandwich panels.
  • Metal constructions for roofs.
  • Colored metal sheets.
  • Cover for kiosks.
  • Metal enclosure for silos.
  • Container fitting for offices.
  • Sandwich panels.
  • Metal sheet production.

  • Trading sanduich panels, metal coverings.
  • Clothing for industrial buildings.
  • Sheet metal processing.
  • Multiple sandwich panels.
  • Laminar trade.
  • Sheet metal processing technology.
  • Cutting and turning sheets.

Our Services

  • Sandwich panels for covering and facades
  • Panels for freezer rooms
  • Sandwich panels tile-style (underneath of it with natural wood)
  • Sheet metal (aluminium) and coil coated or processed
  • Accessories for hangars and houses, like: roof gutters, ridgeboards etc
  • Wavering sheet metal trapezoidal for covering
  • Polycarbonate of different thickness for hangars and buildings
  •  Kiosks for offices and mobile homes
  • Galvanised arcades for hangars
  • Sheet metal in concrete for the separation of floors
  • Panel sandwiches for facades with stone and brick imitation



  • Export
  • Import
  • Sandwitch Panels
  • Production and Sale of Metal Sheets
  • Constructions


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