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About Us

Success History

Our most recent collaboration with Spiecepag Albania for the construction of the camps in Korca, Çorovoda and Skrapar, Albania.

Company Profile & Objective

“Emante LLC” started its activities in the sector of “innovative constructions” and services, on February 2006. The sector of innovative constructions has taken big dimensions in western countries. Innovative constructions aim at securing low cost and high quality, ecological constructions and efficiency in relation to the interior and exterior heating and cooling of the constructions, both for private and public needs. For the realization of this objective we use processed materials of aluminium and steel — some abroad and some in our company. The main materials are section metals and sandwich panels. The latter are being developed in different shapes and colours. Researchers of the sector have spent entire decades and have integrated their scientific findings in the construction sector of public and private residencies.

From their studies they concluded that panel sandwiches, unlike tiles, —with prepainted metal and in accordance with the climate distinctions of a country,— ensures new authentic solutions for all needs: technical, thermal, aesthetic and environmental, by ensuring at the same time an exceptional cost/benefit ratio. Prepainted metal roofs embellish the construction, save energy, finish accessories of residencies, ensure thermal insulation, protect the environment from the effects of global warming, perform better and speed up construction. For the same reason their study has been integrated at a paneuropean level (2010) and requires from all European Members States to adopt a mandatory level of insulation in all new buildings. Parallel with this development, in Europe are being developed from other innovative companies new materials for the construction of ecological walls for residencies. They aim at replacing the use of concrete with materials fully recycled and compatible with the health of nature and man.  

As a company we are at a phase through which we support every existing innovation with our products. Our aim is not simply to apply other companies’ innovation: but to create our own innovations. Our devoted work showed the first results during 2016: we realised for a record time a big project for TAP (Trans Adriatic Pipeline). We built 265 residencies which have been adapted in Korçë (a region of Albania), one of the junction points of the pipeline. In them may live from 600 to 700 workers. We built kitchens, gym and common spaces for all the inhabitants. A small town was created by our hands. By now we have accumulated the necessary knowledge and experience in order to realise every project and to cover all needs: for big and small projects. For the realisation of our objectives —innovative constructions and buildings with low cost and high quality, saving the health of the environment and contributing to the wellbeing of our people— we are at a phase of building the “hub” of our company. Next year (2018) we’ll find us with a completed company in the process of production, innovations and construction.                                   



Our Services

  • Sandwich panels for covering and facades
  • Panels for freezer rooms
  • Sandwich panels tile-style (underneath of it with natural wood)
  • Sheet metal (aluminium) and coil coated or processed
  • Accessories for hangars and houses, like: roof gutters, ridgeboards etc
  • Wavering sheet metal trapezoidal for covering
  • Polycarbonate of different thickness for hangars and buildings
  •  Kiosks for offices and mobile homes
  • Galvanised arcades for hangars
  • Sheet metal in concrete for the separation of floors
  • Panel sandwiches for facades with stone and brick imitation



  • Export
  • Import
  • Sandwitch Panels
  • Production and Sale of Metal Sheets
  • Constructions


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