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“Spiecapag Shqipëria” awards construction of camp units to Albanian company

Success History

Our most recent collaboration with Spiecepag Albania for the construction of the camps in Korca, Çorovoda and Skrapar, Albania.



“Spiecapag Shqipëria” awards construction of camp units to Albanian company

“Spiecapag Shqipëria” reaffirms its commitment to support the local economy and society, during the construction of the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP), by awarding construction of camp units to an Albanian company. The camp units will be utilized for the construction of three temporary camps to house the company’s workers during TAP pipeline construction works in Albania.

During the pre-tender phase, “Spiecapag Shqipëria” identified a number of Albania suppliers to participate in the bidding phase. After review of tenders from both Albanian and international companies, the contract was awarded to “EMANTE sh.p.k”, an Albanian company located in Durrës.

The contract involves the fabrication of 235 containers in total that will be used for accommodation, offices, clinic and restaurant. For EMANTE, the contract represents 55,000 man-hours of work, or approximately 70 people working for 4 months.
The first 150 containers will be delivered in November 2016 so that Spiecapag can install and occupy its first camp in early 2017, near Korça. The balance of containers will be delivered in March 2017 for two additional camps.

“Spiecapag Shqipëria”, during its presence in Albania, has already collaborated with more than 200 local businesses, enhancing as such its contribution to the local economy. “Spiecapag Shqipëria” is pleased to engage with a company like EMANTE, which demonstrates its commitment to meet the TAP and Spiecapag values on safety, quality and ethics.

Our Services

  • Sandwich panels for covering and facades
  • Panels for freezer rooms
  • Sandwich panels tile-style (underneath of it with natural wood)
  • Sheet metal (aluminium) and coil coated or processed
  • Accessories for hangars and houses, like: roof gutters, ridgeboards etc
  • Wavering sheet metal trapezoidal for covering
  • Polycarbonate of different thickness for hangars and buildings
  •  Kiosks for offices and mobile homes
  • Galvanised arcades for hangars
  • Sheet metal in concrete for the separation of floors
  • Panel sandwiches for facades with stone and brick imitation



  • Export
  • Import
  • Sandwitch Panels
  • Production and Sale of Metal Sheets
  • Constructions


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